Four steps certify MedtecBerater consultants for new products in a portfolio

It was time for another workshop in November: an event that we always look forward to as a rare occasion when all MedtecBerater consultants come together. Of course, this is due not just to the pandemic but also to the fact that our staff live and work all over the country. The lively discussion is only one aspect of our workshop, however. The main emphasis is our functional focus, which is a key part of our certification process. Certification serves as both the quality standard and basis of our day-to-day work.

A clearly defined certification process unfolds whenever a client/partner introduces a new product for which MedtecBerater consultants are to carry out inductions on the ground. All our consultants are qualified healthcare and nursing specialists with a high level of expertise, not to mention many years of experience in day-to-day clinical work and medical product consultations. As agreed with our clients, the certification process for each product is broken down into different phases.

The self-study unit is usually the first step. Our clients provide a comprehensive product information package, enabling consultants to study the files and learn all about the product and its therapy applications. Naturally, a number of points and implementation issues are then flagged for clarification.

Phase 2 of our certification process is designed to address all these questions: the workshop. Generally lasting one to two days, this is organised by our clients. The workshop offers an opportunity for participants to demonstrate what they have learned so far and become more proficient. And, of course, to put their knowledge to practical use with the actual medical product. It’s a bit like taking an exam. When heads start spinning, the positive, productive atmosphere on the team becomes all the more constructive, offering space for open exchange.

This is followed by Phase 3 of the certification: the training phase. In this training session, our clients accompany MedtecBerater consultants to the clinics, providing guidance during the bedside inductions. Here consultants can familiarise themselves with the product in a practical setting. Building on their predominantly theoretical experience hitherto, this phase is instrumental in gaining a full understanding of a highly complex product. Moreover, the training phase prepares consultants for inductions in one-on-one situations and in groups.

Once they have completed Phase 1 to 3, MedtecBerater consultants are certified by our clients in Phase 4, as part of their on-the-job mentoring. Successful certification means that they are officially authorised to provide consulting services.

From that moment on, our consultants are permitted to carry out inductions independently. They travel from clinic to clinic, providing valuable assistance to medical professionals, patients and nursing staff in their everyday tasks and for specific applications. We are currently in Phase 3 – 4 of a new project, right on schedule to kick off in January 2022.

Our MedtecBerater consultants are good to go!