Caring for patients at home

Whether they have just been discharged from hospital after an operation or they suffer from a chronic illness, many people depend on the care provided by medical personnel in their own home. This applies to a wide range of individual cases. For example, due to a genetic condition, some require regular medication to be administered intravenously, while others have to be given infusions at home, under the watchful eye of a healthcare professional. Still more patients need special training in the use of home ventilation devices, such as how to set them up correctly and then adjust them according to their individual needs. Our MedtecBerater consultants are highly qualified care specialists with extensive nursing experience. Liaising with medical device manufacturers, they carry out treatments at home, both individually and professionally. Thanks to their medical expertise, they provide support that enables patients to cope with their illness in their own home.

Medtecberaterin und Patient

However, it is not just patients who have to be trained to use a specific medical product or administer medication; family members also need to be brought up to speed to help them manage the illness and any potential medical interventions. It is important to overcome any anxiety people might be feeling and give them a sense of security with regular guidance. For example, in the case of haemophilia, it is vital that a close caregiver be capable of injecting a life-saving drug in an emergency, in addition to the regular medication administered by the MedtecBerater consultant. Our goal is to help those concerned become self-determined experts, thereby taking away the powerlessness and loss of control over their own lives that many experience on receiving their diagnosis. We aim to provide optimal care and ensure the medical product in question is used effectively, thereby increasing patients’ quality of life.

Our MedtecBerater consultants maintain very different levels of contact. While certain inductions only take place once, the close support provided over many years often leads to intense personal connections with our patients. Quite apart from the broad spectrum of medical conditions, we treat people of all ages, from adults to teenagers and children. Particularly in cases where the patient is very young, it is essential to develop a relationship of trust with the child and their parents to best help them deal with the illness. It is precisely this combination of medical expertise and personal rapport that allows our MedtecBerater consultants to pour their heart and soul into their daily assignments.

Patient erhält eine Infusion in die rechte Armbeuge