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News from Medtecberater!

MedtecBerater is an innovative company that collaborates with medical technology manufacturers to provide induction training and consultations for medical products.

Caring for patients at home

Whether they have just been discharged from hospital after an operation or they suffer from a chronic illness, many people depend on the care provided by medical personnel in their own home.

Turning passion for an idea into a full-blown flame – 18 months in the life of a start-up

80% of start-ups in Germany don’t make it to their third birthday. This figure is both encouraging and discouraging for all those who have taken the plunge and ventured into self-employment, taking responsibility for their staff, earning the trust of their customers and carrying out their assignments diligently. What needs to happen for MedtecBerater to survive the first critical years, to receive plenty of assignments, to ensure that sufficient staff are available and that everyone involved in the company can make a decent living?

Close to the customer in the middle of a pandemic

The Medtecberater consultants thrive on close customer relationships, personal contact and bedside inductions in the clinics. But in the middle of a pandemic? COVID-19 has proved to be extremely challenging, creating considerable uncertainty for us too.

Flexible options create perfect partnerships

A Swiss army knife is a fine thing. It sits comfortably in your hand and can be slipped easily into any pocket. Depending on the situation, you open up the knife, the nail file, the scissors or the corkscrew – that’s all there is to it. A flexible, ideal solution to the little challenges of everyday life.

Company history

It all started in 2000, when I completed my training as a state registered nurse at Marienhospital Osnabrueck before moving on to Muenster University Hospital. For 18 years, I gained a great deal of experience in the field of anaesthesia and had the opportunity to flourish in a challenging working environment.